Exercise Library – 2 Position Snatch

Overhead Squat

2 Position Power Snatch 

The two-position power snatch is two power snatches performed consecutively from two different starting positions. Any start position can be selected including: the platform, Hang (above knee), Hang (below knee), Hang (mid thigh).

2-Position Power Snatch is the name for a complex. It could also be written as Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch

The most common positions to perform this complex, is from the platform and Hang (above knee). The first Power Snatch is usually performed from the platform. The second rep is performed from the hang position of choice. The second rep forces the lifter to produce more power after a fatigued state.

This complex can be reversed, where the lifter performs the Hang position first, and then performs the platform position. This is useful where technique is prioritised over power development.

When performed from the platform and then from the hang position, rate of force development, and power development is emphasised. This will also assist in developing a more aggressive second pull (Triple extension) at the top of the pull. It will also assist in developing speed in turn under the bar (receiving).

When programming the 2-position power snatch, ensure you specify which two positions each power snatch will be performed from.

This complex can be used a part of a dynamic training session where powerful snatch extension and pulling under the bar is desired.

This complex can also be used as an exercise for lighter training days between heavy squatting, heavy snatching, and or heavy clean & jerk training sessions.

Variations that can be added to this exercise includes: pausing the in receiving position, pauses in each hang position, different hang position, or a combination of each variation.


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