Lab Report 365 – 04/01/16



How YOU should train in your OFF-SEASON

Firstly: Do you even train differently at different times/stages of the year/competitive calendar?

If not, WOW you’re so far under developed it’s not funny. But that’s okay! Nows your chance.

Firstly, how do you train every session?
Secondly, what’s the short-term goal of these individual training sessions?
Thirdly, what’s the long-term goal of these training blocks/short term goals?
Finally, do YOU or your COACH/TRAINER have any idea how to plan and execute these goals and these training blocks over a prolonger period of time?

Hopefully so, but most likely not. Be humble enough to go to the right people, and do your research on them, ask questions the best people have education AND PRACTICAL experience.

Once we answer all of the above questions lets look at how you should train.

Off-season no matter what the sport/competition should be solely based around the individual. Now, that doesn’t mean there won’t be constants that everyone needs to do but specificity of needs is important. YOU and your COACH need to be able to look at what you lack without bias.

Lets be honest no one wants to train what they’re not good at, its hard, its humbling, its mentally challenging, but this is what will set you apart from your competitors.

The underlining principle of your offseason training program should be STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT.

“The ability to generate force and produce speed comes back to base level strength”.

Secondly focus on motor control and correct movement patterns, and gain an understanding of how to generate torque at joints, stabilize the trunk and explode through biomechanically sound positions.

From this base develop your weakness’ if you’re natural better with endurance training, put it on the back burner, get stronger, faster and more efficient. Vice versa if you’re naturally strong and explosive, work on your efficiency and metabolic conditioning.

This is clearly very broad in regards to training, for sport specific details comment below or message me directly!

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