7 Things YOU need to be doing as an athlete (no particular order):

Cam Burnside- Director of Performance and Coaching

Move FAST or be SLOW. Now lets not be stupid when we say sprint and move fast. We NEVER sacrifice technique or skill for this. But once skill level has matured, sprinting is a must to optimize the development of speed and power of an athlete through explosive hip extension.
Use sprinting to develop lower body power as a general fitness component. As an athlete moves closer to competition make sprinting more sport specific i.e. tactical/technical. Specificity should increase as the competition becomes closer.
*If your technique sucks, shelve the ego and do it right

Jumping is similar to sprinting, once the skill has been learnt (and lets be honest 1 in 10 people will come to us that can actually do this properly and safely) jumping for power development is a must in training.
Use a variety of jumping patterns; vertical/horizontal/lateral/unilateral/counter movement, etc. This needs to be programmed correctly though, personal trainers generally don’t know how to program this generally so be careful.
*If your technique sucks, shelve the ego and do it right

Before we can even think of sprinting or jumping we must have an adequate strength base prior to doing this. Coaches will float the numbers they want their athletes to get to before they start using sprinting and jumping movements and we will discuss ours at a later date.
Movements that load the Posterior Chain (deadlift variations/KB swings etc.) must be mastered, first under control, and then using tempos that focus on RATE OF FORCE DEVELOPMENT (eg 4:1:x:1).
*If your technique sucks, shelve the ego and do it right

There is a reason the squat is referred to as the king of lower body movements. Every coach will tell you “this is the way to squat”.
Squatting will vary depending on the person, lever lengths mobility restrictions, training age, etc. Now I am not saying don’t utilize different squat techniques, but first find your ideal squatting mechanics, work on them, then implement variation (high bar/low bar/SSB/front/pause/overhead etc.).
*If your technique sucks, shelve the ego and do it right

Utilize pushing exercises for upper body strength and power. To maximize muscle fiber recruitment, set a stable base from the floor, through your hip/glutes and through the shoulder girdle. Have a checklist for you set up.
*If your technique sucks, shelve the ego and do it right

Focusing on pushing power is important but without a strong back/posterior chain you aren’t going to push much! Let’s not forget to mention the benefits of undoing the years on poor posture and internal rotation from daily activities and sporting movements.
We recommend pulling in all planes of movement on all angles to maximize develop. Don’t be a fool though, set that stable base first before pulling!
*If your technique sucks, shelve the ego and do it right

Increase your LACTATE THRESHOLD! Push sleds, pull sleds, use battle ropes, and repeat effort sprints are all things you need to increase athletic performance. But be careful! Lactate Threshold training is extremely taxing, so as you increase your lactate component of training you need to increase your recovery as well as decrease some training volume.


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