Clean up your dirty Snatch.

Here are some quick fixes for the Olympic Lifts that you should try. Before you try these quick fixes, get a weightlifting coach. (Not a Personal Trainer, unless they are also a weightlifting coach then go right ahead then).

1 – Pause after breaking inertia.

Pause after you’ve lifted the bar about 5cm off the floor to assist in stopping your hips from rising before your shoulders.

Then get a weightlifting coach.

2 – Pause in the receiving position.

Once you’ve received the bar, pause. At lighter weight, you will be able to see if you have received the bar incorrectly e.g. too far forward. If this was a heavier or max weight, it will result in a missed lift.

Then get a weightlifting coach.

3 – Pull from different positions.

You can start the lift from different positions (where the lift starts to go wrong). Some examples might be from: Hang – Below knee, if your bar slows down considerably around the knee, Hang – Above knee, if you pull too early, Tall position, if you’re slow getting under the bar.

How do you know which quick fix is for you?

Get a weightlifting coach.


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