How do we produce forces sufficient to jump to heights greater than our own standing height?

All right people, Asian Physics Geek Wednesday O’clock. That means we’re going to talk physics. To answer the question above you need to understand 3 things:

1.We need to overcome inertia (Newton’s first law) having a force applied against us (Newton’s second law, F=ma)
3.We do this by applying a large, well-directed force against the Earth, which applies an equal, and opposite reaction against us (Newton’s third law).

All of these factors put together will have a bearing on our acceleration and the force of gravity acting against us (Newton’s Law of Gravitation), means that to jump high, we need to produce a large amount of vertical force, or have lower body mass.

What does this actually mean? It’s a ridiculously long-winded way of saying get strong and powerful whilst not getting fat to get high. (See what I did I there?)


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