MOVEMENTS or MUSCLES, which one are you TRAINING?

Are you an explosive athlete or bodybuilder?

Cam Burnside- Director of Performance & Coaching

If you’re a bodybuilder, then by all means train muscles, but be warned, a lot of the best body builders around the world train a MOVEMENT first (eg. Squats) for strength then hit muscles after this.

If you’re an athlete then this article is talking to YOU.

Lets break it down like this, if you’re an athlete we need to train the SKILL of movements (hip hinge/push/pull/lateral and unilateral).

Once we can perform said movements we then become proficient and extremely strong and explosive through these movements.How we do this is use and they have specific guidelines which I will not mention today:
• Skill acquisition
• Strength-speed (maximal weight, maximal contraction, this is resistance training particularly)
• Speed-strength (sub-maximal weight, maximal contraction, over speed resistance training/plyometrics)
• THEN and ONLY THEN work muscles for areas you/your athlete is weak.

WHICH MUSCLES should you work?
• Posterior Chain: Glutes/Hamstrings/Errectors/Lats/Lower Traps/Traps and CALVES yes CALVES
• Arms: in particular, triceps/forearms
• Grip

• Posterior Chain: as a society we have wasted away in regards to PC, we sit all day, round our back at our desk and when we pick things up. If you want strength and the ability to generate as much power as possible, create greater EFFICENCY and ROFD (rate of force development) you must train the PC (A LOT!). Growing these areas also gives you a greater cross sectional area of the muscle therefore having greater strength potential.
• Arms: well, arms are cool firstly. Secondly tricep strength along with strong lats and a strong grip you become pretty unstoppable when it comes to making contact with another athlete/throwing/pushing against something or someone.

People who think “chest or pecs” is what you need to push hard are WRONG, we want pushing power from the whole body Especially PC and triceps! (Look at guys who bench the most, they have a massive back and massive arms, generally not massive pecs in comparison, Matt Wenning a strength coach in America is a great example)

Look at your programming, and if its not where it should be or you want an example, MESSAGE ME.



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