The BEST way to structure training for performance: PART ONE: FOUNDATION Athletes


How can you structure a training session for maximal athletic performance?

Lets break it down:
1. The session needs to be one brick that builds the house; the session itself isn’t the house!
2. Know what you want your house to look like (what is the end goal?)
3. What foundation are you putting this brick, this house onto as it stands?
4. My metaphors suck, but you get the picture.If you don’t understand how to lay a foundation with your client (athlete) then don’t work with them.

They need to Squat, hip hinge, push, pull, jump, land, change direction (COD) etc. If they cannot do that safely and repeatedly that is your first priority! An example structure for that foundation session (Have this planned, don’t be a typical PT!):
General movement prep (after you have screened previously for underlying problems), which includes things like:
• Band distraction through hips/ankles and shoulders, this’ll increase blood flow and nutrient supply to the joints through the synovial fluid.
• Specific motor control exercises (probably the most important part of you session). For newbies this will be very controlled, eg floor based exercises to learn control.Controlled weightlifting warm up, which includes:
• Specific bar drills using tempos to increase control and improve rate of force development (ROFD)
• Incremental increases in load until work weight is achieved.
The amount of warm sets is typically under valued by trainers, DON’T BE AN IDIOT, use extra warm up sets to increase skills level.

As skill increases competency under load shall increase!Strength component, which includes:
• Using the movement patterns mentioned previously have a balanced program to improve these throughout the session.
• Using a simple 3×5 or 5×5 method with linear progression is a great way to improve and see tangible progress with your athlete. KEEP TRACK OF THIS!
• Progression comes from perfection (or as close to) at a load before moving on, you can see why added warm/skills sets are handy!

Accessory/Conditioning component, which includes:
• Don’t be scared to add in some arm training or some “superficial” training here. A great coach once said to me (from Ohio State University) we train arms and beach muscles a lot, makes the players feel good about themselves, and makes them more intimidating on the field!
• Depending on the vision for the athlete but adding in some short Lactate Threshold work here can be very beneficial from lean muscle development and performance down the track.Resetting the system, which includes:
• Simple: relax, have a shower and stretch.TIP: Time management!
• This sounds like a lot for a 45-60min session right? •

Give the athlete their moneys worth, hustle through the session focusing on education and development, talk about the weekend when resting or after training!


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