Your wasted rest day. A timeline.

7.00pm – Finish training. Head home. Intending to cook.

7.30pm – At home. Too lazy to cook, shower, or wash training gear. Sit on sofa.

7.35pm – Order pizza. Walk to kitchen.

7.45pm – Eating ice cream. Watching Netfilx. Refresh Instagram feed.

8.15pm – Pizza arrives. Watching Netflix. Refresh Instagram feed.

9.15pm – Pizza gone. Watching Netflix. Refresh Instagram feed.

1.00am – Go to bed.

7.00am – Alarm goes off. Hit snooze.

7.05am – Hit snooze. (x37)

11.46am – Roll out of bed. Body feels like death and smell twice as good.

12.00pm – Walk to kitchen. Finds chips.

12.30pm – Netflix and chips. Refresh Instagram feed. (x6)

6.30pm – “Fuck.”

Next time you come home, get that burger, or order that pizza. You did earn it. But whilst you wait for the delivery guy, put the washing on, have a shower and prepare the next few days of food. Set your alarm for 9 and be in bed by 9.30pm. Get your shit in order and instead of refreshing your Instagram feed, refresh your body. Get a massage, hit the sauna, or just hang out at the beach. You’re preparing yourself for the next week of training, and being prepared is what makes or breaks an athlete. No matter what day it is.


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