Lab Report 365 – 10/01/16

12509262_923467951072385_9043287905687147148_n.png🎓 📝 LAB REPORT-365 📝 🎓

#10 RPE Scale for Strength Training

Programming off of percentages is not always a great idea, for a number of reasons.

Newer lifters won’t know their 1RM, others won’t have tested one for months and months and some people will program off a 1RM that wasn’t a good lift and had sloppy form. Not to mention the daily factors that affect peoples training, like stress/sleep etc.

Using RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) will allow the lifter to use the scale on a daily basis to allow for more or less work to be done on the training day based on how they feel.

Warning: if the lifter doesn’t understand the scale (see picture from powerliftingtowin) then this is not a valid way to measure intensity in the training session and will take some time to master.

Try this in your next program rather then percentages and see how it works for you.

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