Lab Report 365 – 11/01/16

Psoas🎓 📝 LAB REPORT-365 📝 🎓
#11 Anatomy – Lower Back/Quadrauts Lumborum

Name – Quadratus Lumborum

Movements –

Lateral Flexion (Side Bending)
Rotation (from Rotated position to a Neutral Position)
Pelvic Stability and Spinal Stability


Origin –
Ilium, Iliac Crest, Posterior Inner Lip (Back of the Pelvis)

Insertion –
L1-L4, Transverse Processes (Upper 4 Lumbar/Lower Back Vertebrae)
12 Rib Lower Border

Synergists (Related Muscles)
Obliques, Psoas Major, Erector Spinae

Notes –
This is an important stabilising muscle for the pelvis and the Lumbar/lower spine. It engages with other muscles when standing on one leg and/or when standing on unstable surfaces. It also assist in rotation back to a neutral position. It is important to keep this muscle strong through regular strength training movements such as squatting and deadlifting.


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