Lab Report 365 – 12/01/16

🎓 📝 LAB REPORT-365 📝 🎓
#12 What is the CONJUGATE SYSTEM?
💢💢 PART 1💢💢

This is a training system made popular by Westside Barbell. It’s said to have originated in Russia in the 1970’s at the Olympic Weightlifting Club- Dynamo Club.
They basically had a system which used 20-45 special exercises.
This was grouped into 2-4 exercises per workout, and were rotated as often as they felt they needed too.
They said that (obvious to us these days) training the Squat/Good Mornings/Back Raises/Glute-Ham Raises/Various Pulls (Deadlift lifts/Clean & Snatch Pulls) had a huge transfer to increasing the Olympic lifts.As a result constant adaptation occurred and more and more exercises were added to the list.
They call these “special exercises” what this means is exercises outside of the lifts required for competition or in say athletes who sprint/play football etc. lifts that would be tested for gym performance. The reason this approach works so well is the body is being strengthened in a wide range of position, in different angles under different stressors.
EVERYONE KNOWS VARIETY is the key component to progression and exercise selection is one of the most popular ways to change the stimulus.
Look at:
Crossfit- “Constantly varied function movements”
Bodybuilding- Shock muscles in different ways in different positions in order to create an (anabolic) environment to grow.
Sport- especially team sports e.g. football codes, complete unknown physical demand ever changing in different situations.
Individual sports- Powerlifting/Olympic Lifting if you mis”groove” a lift you need strength in different positions to “save” the lift.
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