Lab Report 365 – 14/01/16

12400877_925935970825583_2207913299996106891_n.jpg🎓 📝 LAB REPORT-365 📝 🎓
#14 “Conditioning” WHAT is it, and HOW should it be USED
I look at it like this:
GPP- General Physical Preparedness
SPP- Specific Physical Preparedness
Those 2 should be quite straightforward right:
GPP being GENERAL conditioning, we use for cardiorespiratory fitness and lactate tolerance. We use tools like sleds (push/pull/drag etc), ergos, interval based running, skipping or monostructural movements at submaximal loads. This is used to help build GENERAL WORK CAPACITY within an athlete.
SPP being SPECIFIC conditioning, we break this down into 2 TYPES of SPP.
1. SPECIFIC MUSCLE GROUP CONDITIONING, here we work a lot on posterior chain conditioning (errectors/glutes/hamstrings/calves).
This allows our athletes to hold their technique whilst performing their sports movements (eg. AFL, running/COD/jumping/accelerating/decelerating etc.) without “breaking” or moving in an inefficient way.
2. SPECIFIC ENERGY SYSTEM CONDITIONING, conditioning physiologically specific to the athletes sport. For example we have national Olympic weightlifters here at APL as well as QAFL footballer, both very different physiological demands in regards to the sport therefore they do very different conditioning.
They both use the same tools (mentioned above), it’s the programming variables and application of training that will achieved the desired results for each sport.
• Am I doing any GPP or SPP?
• Do I need to be (the answer is yes FYI)?
• Am I doing the appropriate TYPE of conditioning for my sport/activities, or am I just doing what I am good at?
• Can I actually program appropriately?
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Cam Burnside – B.App.Sci (HONS)


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