Lab Report 365 – 23/01/16


🎓 📝 LAB REPORT-365 📝 🎓
#23: You NEED to train EVERYDAY.

Is this legit?


But why, that’ll be way to hard on the body?

We didn’t say train MAXIMALLY everyday.

Lets look at this a little from left field instead of mainstream for once.

The reason we say “train” everyday, or more specifically move and practice everyday is for the following reasons:

Low intensity training sessions including low percentages of lifts, sled pulls/walks, ROM activities etc. adding in recovery as the increase in oxygen and nutrients in those muscles will speed up the healing process.

Skill Acquisition
Practice, practice, practice. Some studies say that 10,000+ repetitions to fully ingrain a movement pattern. Therefore if you only train 3-4 days a week imagine how long it will take you to hit the 10,000+ reps, so practicing the skill on “off-days” at lower intensity can improve your skills level.

The more you do things the more of a routine it becomes and the harder it is to stop. Make training and self-improvement a lifestyle and you will forever be rewarded.

Have fun
At the end of the day TRAINING IS MEANT TO BE FUN! So if you don’t go into the gym or the field to practice/train on the “off-days” then go for a walk, get out and be active, the benefits will be both physiological and psychological.

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