Lab Report 365 – 27/01/16


🎓 📝 LAB REPORT-365 📝 🎓
#27: Conjugate Training- Periodastion model

Part 2

This system uses a VERY Different form of periodization to typical western styles (western block periodization). In the conjugate system multiple training qualities are focuses on at one time.

In the conjugate system we typically focus on:
On Max effort and Dynamic days:
Absolute strength

Extra workouts focus on
General Physical Preparedness (GPP)
Specific Physical Preparedness (SPP)

Sound like all qualities we want to develop with athlete’s right?

This is typically said to be an ineffective way to train as it wont develop any training quality fully. This maybe true however if you’re constantly improving in every area wouldn’t that lead to better performance in the long run especially including a peak/peaking phase for competition (I’ll cover more on training qualities in the future).

Periodization typically runs in a 3-week pendulum wave, with 4 main sessions per week
2 x MAXIMAL EFFORT (typically lower/upper 72 hours rest in-between)
2 x DYNAMIC EFFORT (typically lower/upper 72 hours rest in-between)
Then “extra-workouts” or conditioning and extra week point training is done outside of these workouts on adjacent days. These are typically easier to recover from and shouldn’t take away from the main training sessions and the focus is on improving GPP and Jumping.

After a 3-week wave the cycle is started again remembering to continue to cycle exercises on ME day to avoid acclimatization and overtraining the CNS by hitting above 90% of 1RM in the same exercise.

We have to remember that especially for athletes the LONG-TERM development is the key, we cant just say “in six weeks you’ll be trained enough to have a successful career” we need to develop these athletes to have LONG and SUCCESSFUL careers.

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