Lab Report 365 – 30/01/16


🎓 📝 LAB REPORT-365 📝 🎓
#30 Hip Band Distraction (Hamstring & Hip Flexor)

Having adequate hip flexion is critical for developing stability, strength and power through the lower body and hip hinge patterning (running/jumping/change of direction). Without adequate hip hinge ability Squatting/deadlifting mechanics becoming extremely difficult, and can put the spine in a compromised position to not only impede power output but also increase rick of injury.

Hamstring Band Distraction: Set the band up on a squat rack at hip height. Put one leg in the band and step forward with the same leg (facing away from the band). Perform a hip hinge, keeping neutral spine. Floss to the tight corners before moving on.
Behind the knee and lean over like a sprint start and floss to all corners again.

Hip Flexor Distraction: Set the band up at knee height. Put one leg in the band and lunge back down onto one knee (facing the band). Set pelvis to neutral (posterior pelvic tilt) and brace abs. Floss to tight corners again.
Lunge forward on a 45 degree angle externally rotate at the hip on the front leg and push down on the band. Ensure to posterior tilt the pelvis again.

Creating space in the hip and improving hip flexion of an athlete will translate to better training/performance. This will also make the athlete more durable, therefore being able to train longer and yield better results.

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