Lab Report 365 – #34 Exercise Variation regularly to AVIOD acclimatisation.


If you consistently only perform the same movements in the same way (grip, stance etc) you will only develop so far before you plateau.

If you can become strong in movement variations (seen below) your body will constantly be under new stimulus allow growing and adaptation to occur.

Not to mention it will keep training fun by constantly hitting PB’s in different lifts, because who doesn’t want to it a PB right.

Here is some ways we use variations.

The variations of exercises may include:

Grip – Wide, Normal, Narrow

Stance – close, wide, very wide.

Use of Specialty bars – Safety Bar, Cambered Bar, Swiss Bar, etc.

Range of Motion – Deep, parallel, off floor, on rack, boards, incline, etc.

Accommodating Resistance – Bands and Chains (Alters the resistance curve making certain ranges of motion more difficult[chains can be used in a manner where a lighter chain is attached to the barbell and then a heavier chain is attached to the lighter chain] The chains need to be adjusted so about 3 chain links are attached to the floor for squat and good morning type exercises).

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