Lab Report 365 – #40 LOAD Drop Sets and HOW to use them.

πŸŽ“ πŸ“ LAB REPORT-365 πŸ“ πŸŽ“
#40 LOAD Drop Sets and HOW to use them.

Strength based athletes must read!

“Load Drop” is a technique made popular by Mike Tuchscherer and RTS. Usually this refers to dropping a set load back by 6-9% (most common with RTS programming).

Work to a Low bar Squat set of 5 @ 9 RPE (meaning you could only get 6 reps max if you tried).
After hitting your 5 @ RPE 9 e.g. 200kg you would drop 6-9% of the weight (188kg-182kg) for sets of 5 until you reach RPE 9 again (typically between 1-5 extra sets depending on the athlete)

This allows athletes to be auto regulating the amount of volume per session which over time it is advantageous for appropriate training effort.

Allows for daily regulation based on how the person feels
Ensures that heavy load (relative) is being lifted often
Can help build GPP over time.

Sessions can go for along time
Program doesn’t typically hit all areas of the force velocity curve
Not many people truly understand RPE training/programming

Using the LOAD DROP method is a great why to build extra volume into workouts similar to AMRAPS.

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